Race is a Social Construct

Oct 11, 2021 Ibram X. Kendi, How to become An Antiracist author, described why race is a social construct. Since America’s founding, Whiteness has been placed itself as a default norm. Anyone who is not white that exists outside of a default norm realm became a racialized being.

The Power of White Gaze: A Follow-Up

Oct 11, 2021 On May 29, 2021, I wrote a post to highlight why the white gaze is a social construction created by the majority despite our deafness. The continuing double standard treatment of Black signers is another proof of it.

Deaf Awareness Month: Reminder

Sept 29, 2021 On Sept 26, 2021, Sara Novic, a Deaf author, tweeted that reflects what Black Deaf people have been saying for a long time.

Deaf Awareness Month: Why “Deaf First” Ideology is a Huge Problem

Sept 26, 2021 Akilah English, a Black Deaf educator who is also a Ph.D. student, posted her powerful artwork of why putting Deaf First identity on the pedestal over multiple identities in the Deaf communities is a huge problem. Take a look at her post and spread the word!


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