The Power of White Gaze: ASL Version

Due to the popularity of my published article, The Power of the White Gaze: Erasure of Black Signers. So many Deaf people have making a request for my article to be translated into ASL for accessibility. I’ve asked three amazing Black signers to do their rendition for my lengthly article.

Alumni Spotlight

“When I started writing, I discovered I was doing more than just telling a story. Writing is a weapon, and it’s more powerful than a fist will ever be.” – Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter

NTID Presenter Series 2021

Feb 12, 2021 I gave my presentation about why we need Black Deaf Studies in higher learning for NTID Presenter Series during Ebony Club’s Black Deaf Week. My presentation contains information about understanding the racial inequalities in America. These resources prove to be beneficial in writing stories about structural racial discrimination in Deaf communities asContinue reading “NTID Presenter Series 2021”


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