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2022 Year in Review

Whew, 2022!! 2022 did not come without controversies. Keith Wann, a white male interpreter, made ridiculous claims that he was being discriminated against because he was white. Unfortunately, reverse racism myth is continue to be perpetuated by one of prominent right-wing networks, FOX NEWS and conservatives who seek to shift the white supremacy narrative away.…

2021 Year in Review

Damn 2021, what a roller-coaster year! We’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly happening in this country. While our democracy hangs in the balance, I’ve written a series of articles on medium and posts on an Instagram plus an interview with Daily Moth that is worth reviewing for future references or further discussion in Deaf…

The Power of White Gaze: ASL Version

Due to the popularity of my published article, The Power of the White Gaze: Erasure of Black Signers. So many Deaf people have made a request for my article to be translated into ASL for accessibility. I’ve asked three amazing Black signers to do their rendition for my lengthy article.

Dear White Deaf People

By David A. Player, UNM Graduate Student | May 27, 2020 “White Deaf privilege is a cousin of white privilege.” David A. Player Kyle Morris volunteered to translate for my Dear White Deaf People article into an ASL. Allison Friedman volunteered to do an ASL translation for my White Deaf Privilege List. On June 2,…

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